Domestic InvestigationsInfidelity is all too common. The facts are if you suspect your partner or spouse is cheating, over 75% of the time, they are. There’s only one way to know for sure. There are few things more emotionally damaging than infidelity, but there may be more for you to consider. Infidelity has a direct impact on not only you, but children, other family members, business associates and finances. Let us get the visual evidence you need to make the best choice for your life, and the others who may be affected by this behavior.

Who is the new friend from work? Who would be calling at this hour? Where is she this time? How do I know he’s telling me the truth? Agonizing over questions like these will cause you to make snap judgments that may not be the best response. You may choose to ignore this behavior, confront your partner, demand it stop, or pursue divorce or separation. However this is not the time to make an emotional decision without knowing the facts. If you want the truth, we will help you find it. Marriage Infidelity

If you are married or in a relationship and need proof of infidelity for possible divorce, child custody or the potential separation of assets, let us gather the facts and place the evidence discreetly in your hands.

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