There are times when you’re faced with the need to ask someone for information that you require in order to make a fair and honest decision that could affect their future, you personally or your business. These situations can be uncomfortable for everyone and have lasting effects for years to come. You want the truth and yet just asking the question can affect a relationship that has developed over months or years. Maybe you are friends or your families have social ties. This is why having a mutual third party intercede can save the embarrassment and may assist in transferring the blame or sense of distrust that has developed.

We conduct our interviews in a professional manner that portrays to those involved that we have been called in to help resolve a problem, and that their input may be integral in determining the outcome. Our interview process is to know as much as possible about the situation and the suspects, so that the time spent with them face to face is staged in a way that leads to the resolution. Keep in mind people involved in activities that may cause them embarrassment, or fear of loss, want to be treated with respect and have something to salvage when it’s over. My experience has always been, it is best to confront the ones involved in private, and alone, except for a witness, if necessary. We also will attempt to get written statements and a plan for the method of restitution or resolution, whichever would apply to their particular situation. Whether or not to pursue criminal or civil action is most times a business decision made by the client.

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