Process Services

Allegiance Investigators provides fast, cost effective and reliable service of process throughout the Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County area.

Benefits of using our company are:

     • One low rate (No hidden fees)
     • Routine service (3-10 days)
     • Same day or rush service available
     • Skip tracing for new address if needed
     • Notarized Proof of Service is customized to your specifications

Basic service includes preparation and return of the proof of service along with any required declarations. In the event we are unable to serve or we have a bad address, a timely report will be forwarded, containing attempt dates, times and address notes. Additional fees are required for filing of the proof of service with the court.

Process Services

The service fee includes a minimum of 3 attempts at one add per defendant or party to be served. Alternate address attempts will result in additional fees. If our process server is required to appear in court in reference to this matter, we will require an hourly fee plus mileage.

Call for fee rates and any additional information.

Our Mission is to provide quality and timely service in a professional manner, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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