Allegiance Investigators conducts covert surveillance of people, businesses, or locations for a broad base of clientele including attorneys, insurance companies, business owners and individuals. We provide high quality photo and video documentation of whatever your needs require. Details of the “stakeout” are made available for your review often within hours of the conclusion of the previous day’s findings. We provide phone consultation of the results along with a report via email, DVD or U.S. Mail depending on your specific needs. We know from experience the client is very likely to be anxiously awaiting word of what has taken place and we strive to exceed expectations in all areas of our relationship with our client.

The portrayal of surveillance in movies and television is rarely accurate and is mostly overshadowed by glamorization. Rarely does the event unfold as planned or as dramatically as portrayed by the media. Some of the circumstances that play a factor in the investigation are uncontrollable such as: weather, lighting, traffic, nosey neighbors etc; that is why we take the time to gather the information and plan for the most effective use of our resources.

Our clients routinely request surveillance for:

  • Adultery and Infidelity
  • Child abuse or child custody
  • Insurance and workman’s compensation
  • Monitoring activities of teenagers
  • Unattended covert equipment rental (GPS Tracking)
  • Suspicious or questionable activity i.e. theft, vandalism illegal drugs

Business owners from Sioux Falls and all over South Dakota know that keeping their own security staff on board year round is not cost effective. Allegiance Investigators has conducted surveillance, mystery shoppers, employee theft investigations, and customized business loss prevention programs for a variety of clients.

Should you find yourself in need of any of the above services or have questions concerning our providing you the service please call to discuss it with one of our experienced investigators.

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